Founded by Michael Tilley in 2013, The Blackboard Artist has grown into one of London's leading providers of bespoke hand-lettering, custom-made boards and murals.

In 2013, while working in hospitality, Michael practiced working on blackboards in-between shifts. Following his passion and perfecting his craft, he soon caught the attention of local businesses, restaurants and street food stalls.

After gaining experience, Michael was given the opportunity to work for high-profile individuals as well as being taken on as Soho House’s main sign-writer in the UK. This achievement led to a unique large-scale project for Soho Farmhouse, where he painted every sign.

Michael’s skill has not gone unnoticed, having been featured in 3 books – Art Class: Hand Lettering, V&A A Maker’s Guide: Calligraphy & Lettering, and Soho House: Morning Noon Night – as well as having work featured in a Walker’s TV advert. He also teaches regular workshops to pass on his knowledge and skills.

To keep up with demand, Michael has formed a small, highly experienced team of skilled-sign writers who all share the same passion.

Watch my talk "Hand-craft is in danger" at the Omnibus Theatre.

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